Kurt is a successful entrepreneur, noted author and sought after growth performance strategist that assists organizations, employees, individuals and families maximize their potential.

Employing the principles of NOW, Kurt speaks to organizations, groups and individuals in an effort to help them identify and unleash a new found vitality and freedom that transforms organizations and individuals to realize, recognize and achieve their goals.


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Creating a Culture of Growth

As founder of Hospice Advisors, a coaching and consulting company for the hospice and home care industries, Kurt Kazanowski is a visionary whose inspiration is contagious. The author of the “Seven Pillars of Growth,” Kurt presents and speaks on service delivery improvement, growing the business, and strengthening financial performance. A dynamic speaker, Kurt’s programs show organizations how to strengthen and build the essentials to serve more people. Kurt utilizes the principles and strategies in the “Seven Pillars of Growth” to get

Hoshin Planning – A Road Map to Success

Title: Hoshin Planning – A Road Map to Success Company: A Hospice Company located in Michigan Problem: Limited strategic direction. Presenting Issues/Challenges: This hospice with a census of 100 had experienced a 24 month period of stagnation, financial decline and a loss of “game” in the market place. There was not a strategic plan and related deployment plan in place. Plan of Action: This hospice made a decision to engage in a strategic planning process that I was honored to assist with. Following is